NEMA 4 Cabinet Cooler Keeps Vision Inspection Camera Cool

Recently, I visited a packaging manufacturer who specialized in thin-wall, metal containers for such things as paint, oil, thinner, denatured alcohol, etc. On one application the process involved applying a small bead of rubber sealant to the underside of the top portion of a metal spray can to help in sealing the top of the can when assembled. After the sealant was applied, heated air was blown onto the bead to cure it prior to inspection.

The problem was that heat generated from the curing process was collecting in the housing for the inspection camera itself. The enclosure was mounted over top of the track on which the parts were moving by. This lead to overheating of the camera system and resulted in false rejections. The customer installed model 4708 (NEMA 4 Cabinet Cooler System) onto the enclosure to keep it cool for steady, effective operation of the camera. The photo below show the Cabinet Cooler System mounted to the top of the vision inspection system enclosure at the inspection stage.


Model 4708 Cabinet Cooler System

Neal Raker, International Sales Manager

Aircoolant System Cools Aluminum Laminate Cutting Process

A machine shop contacted me about a cutting/sawing application.  The customer had a new project to cut an aluminum laminate sheet.   The laminate sheet had a specialized material integrated within the aluminum.  The crux of this situation was that the material could not come in contact with any type of liquid coolant.  Most of his machines used liquid coolant to keep his tools sharp and long lasting.  In this operation, he could use a radial arm saw to cut the sheet, but the blade on this saw was expensive.  Without liquid coolant, he did not want to run the risk of damaging the blade.

My suggestion was to use the model 5330 High Power Cold Gun System.  It is designed to cool tools during milling, drilling, grinding, and sawing operations.  It can reduce the temperature of compressed air by 50 deg. F (28 deg. C).  It has a magnetic base for easy mounting and a dual point hose kit to cool both sides of the blade evenly.  In a short time, he could see the benefit in operating speeds and without using coolant, faster cleanup.  He was able to land the project, operate longer between blade changes, and open the possibility to get more business with new similar applications.

High Power Cold Air Gun

With the new types of materials being generated today, many applications cannot use liquid coolant.  Besides the example above, it would be the same for applications in electronics, food, and pharmaceutical. EXAIR has a range of Aircoolant Systems that may fit into your application.  If you would like more details, you can contact one of our Application Engineers.


John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

Super Ion Air Knife Assists With Lid Sealing

Last week I worked with a food packaging company who was experiencing a static issue when applying a film to seal their single-serve oatmeal cups. The cups move down a conveyor, 6 wide, where they are treated with a nitrogen purge. This causes a fine dust to become airborne. The sealing film travels through a series of rollers overhead and develops a static charge which attracts the dust to the film’s surface. As a result, when the film is applied to the top of the cup, it causes an improper seal which gets rejected at the inspection point.

The roll width is 33″ so I recommended the customer use our 36″ Super Ion Air Knife in the application. The Super Ion Air Knife consist of our Super Air Knife with an Ionizing Bar attached. Together they provide a high velocity, laminar sheet of ionized airflow that would be capable of not only eliminating the surface static to release the dust but also provide blow off to carry the dust away.

Super Ion Air Knife

Super Ion Air Knife ideal for eliminating static over a wide area.

With the dust being airborne once again, the customer was concerned that it could possibly fall back down into the cups after the nitrogen purge. Since they weren’t concerned with static in this particular area, I recommended they mount an additional 6″ Super Air Knife on one side of the conveyor, blowing the high velocity airflow across the top of the cups to create an air barrier to keep the dust from re-entering the cups.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


How To Determine Which EXAIR Product Is Right For You

Expert Testing, Professional Results

Expert Testing, Professional Results

Those of you who are frequent readers of the EXAIR blog (we appreciate your loyalty and fine taste, by the way) probably know a little something about our Efficiency Lab. This is where, upon request, we will perform a controlled test of a compressed air product that you’re currently using, and provide a comprehensive report, comparing it to a suitable EXAIR Engineered Compressed Air Product.

It’s a service that we provide at no charge, and to “sweeten the pot,” our goal is a 24-hour turnaround on the testing, from the time we receive your product.

For some folks, however, seeing is believing…and sometimes, critical elements of a particular application just can’t be duplicated in our facility, so a “real world” trial becomes the only way to find out for sure. That’s where our 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee comes in. If you’ll commit the time to give us a try, we’ll commit to allowing you to do, risk free.

Give any EXAIR catalog product a 30 day trial, risk free.

Give any EXAIR catalog product a 30 day trial, risk free.

This was exactly the case with a manufacturer of cable cleaning equipment, who sought an efficient, quiet compressed air solution to dry the cable upon exiting their machinery. Some of the cables that these machines service are very small in diameter, so they wanted to evaluated both an Air Wipe, and an Air Amplifier.  Both had theoretical advantages:

Air Wipes come in sizes from 1/2" to 11".Air Wipes come in sizes from 1/2″ to 11″. The Air Wipe’s 360° converging flow provides for positive contact with the material, which uniformly wipes the entire surface with high velocity air. Its split clamshell design also eliminates the need to thread the material through it.

Air Amplifiers entrain enormous amounts of "free" air, at ratios of up to 25:1!

Air Amplifiers entrain enormous amounts of “free” air, at ratios of up to 25:1!

The Air Amplifier’s compressed air consumption is lower, its operation is quieter, and it’s less expensive.

After trialing both a Model 2430 ½” Aluminum Standard Air Wipe and a Model 120020 ¾” Super Air Amplifier, the Air Amplifier proved itself out, and became their standard offering on this machine.

For 31 years now, EXAIR Corporation has established and maintained a formidable reputation for being easy to do business with. In Application Engineering, we support this by committing to making sure you get the most out of our products. If you have an application, or an idea, you’d like to discuss, give us a call. We can’t wait to find out how we can help.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Keep Frightening Compressed Air Costs at Bay

Last week my wife, 6-1/2 year old son, 9-week old son, mother-in-law and I all took a trip to what some call the “most magical place on earth” in Orlando, Florida. You may be thinking the same thing I was when my wife dreamed up this lovely idea….. “14 hours in a car with a 9 week old? Seriously???”. Much to our surprise the trip down was great, no crying – not even once, but the ride home was drastically different.

Anyway, we have been there several times in the past so we know what we like to ride and anticipate waiting in long lines. My mother-in-law, who really isn’t in to the whole park/ride theme, decided to stay back with the baby. This was a HUGE  benefit to the rest of us as we wouldn’t feel guilty having them wait while we rode the “big kid” rides (per my oldest). We rode the completely dark, indoor coaster, the runaway train and the log flume mountain with no ill effects, then came the haunted house ride. My son, who has waited in line with us before then bailed right at the moment of “no-return”, decided he was big and old enough this year to not be scared. We went through the first part of the ride where you stand in a dark room that appears to stretch from ceiling to floor, revealing some ghostly images before the lights black out and the narrator’s voice beckons “now try and find a way out! Or you can use MY way”. At this point, a door opens in the back of the room where you board the “Doom Buggy” for the ride portion. This is also the exact point that a once brave little boy breaks down with panic and hysteria. After some reassurance that he would survive and it was all fake, we boarded the buggy.

Haunted mansion

Entrance to the haunted ride

Things were going great until the ride broke down for about 15 minutes at the worst possible area….. There were ghosts hitchhiking for a ride and a screaming ghoul that kept jumping up from behind a tombstone. Just what we didn’t need! The ride finally started back up and relief set in that it was almost over, except for the fact that the ride broke down again for a couple minutes where one of the hitchhiking ghosts has now caught a ride with your buggy, visible by the large mirrors in front of you! This was just way too much for my son who literally ran off the ride warning others to stay away, “it’s real, the ghosts shut the ride down, stay away, it’s too scary!”.

Leak Detector

Model # 9061 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

At EXAIR, we have a completely different idea of what is scary. We are not scared of ghosts or ghoulish sounds, nor high speed coasters or crying babies on a 14 hour car ride. We have a tendency to think that high energy costs due to compressed air waste are scary. Cost od compressed air is significant and if you are not optimizing its use, those costs can get more out of control than a 6 year old in a haunted house.

Our Ultrasonic Leak Detector  is one of the products we use to keep frightening compressed air cost at bay. It is a simple, hand held way to locate costly leaks in your compressed air system. When the source of a leak is located, the LED display will light up and when using the supplied headphones, a tone will alert the presence of a leak.

Another way keep from warning others about how scary it may be is to monitor compressed air usage with our Digital Flowmeter. The digital displays easily identifies the amount of compressed air being used (SCFM or m³/hr) in the line. Add in the Summing Remote Display and with the simple push of a button you can monitor the current usage, 24-hour period and total usage from up to 50′ away from the installation point of the Digital Flowmeter. Not to mention the benefit of our USB Data Logger that connects directly to the Digital Flowmeter and can record the flow rate from once every 12 hours down to every second. This information can then be imported to Excel or viewable with the supplied software.


Digital Flowmeter and USB Data Logger

Summing Remote

Summing Remote Display powered by the Digital Flowmeter

Now as a dad, I have the tedious task of reassuring my son that everything will be fine, a scary task in it’s own right. To avoid being haunted by your compressed air usage, give us a call so we can have you “resting” as well.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

Haunted Mansion Holiday FastPass image courtesy of Loren Javier via Creative Commons License

Great Cars, Great Cause

This past weekend I had the joy of taking my father and my second daughter to a local car show here in Cincinnati. Because EXAIR is a sponsor of the show, we are fortunate enough to have tickets available to us if we would like to attend. This is not your run of the mill car show where there is a swap meet on one side and the general time frame of the cars is from 1955 – 1980. This is the Ault Park Concours d’Elegance. The cars that were there ranged from Pre-War era to modern Super Cars. Very few cars had not been immaculately restored to near new condition. This year the weather was perfectly sunny and around 90°F. (Honestly, it was down right humid and hot as can be.)

1960 Ford Thunderbird Nascar

1960 Ford Thunderbird Nascar

Driver's Side - Now that is what I call a roll cage!

Driver’s Side – Now that is what I call a roll cage!

No normal plates here.

No normal plates here.

One of my favorites was this 1960 Ford Thunderbird NASCAR. The car was the only NASCAR-spec 1960 that actually never ran in competition, at least legal competition. Also, was one of very few cars produced with manual transmission, steering and brakes. Most drivers nowadays wouldn’t even know what to do with a car that doesn’t have an automatic transmission. Let alone power steering and brakes.

Look at that motor!

Look at that motor!

Have to believe this is true.  I would say this was the exception to never being entered in "competition".

Have to believe this is true. I would say this was the exception to never being entered in “competition”.

It always feels great to work for a company that gives!

It always feels great to work for a company that gives!

One of the best parts of going to this show is seeing the EXAIR logo next to a very deserving charity. The show is in it’s 38th year and continues to benefit the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation. Yet another aspect of the show is that a good majority of the cars will do a parade the week before the show and take children from the foundation with them in their cars. While this doesn’t help their physical condition, I can’t help but think what kid wouldn’t be happy getting to ride in a car like a Ferrari or even one that you have to crank by hand in order to start it.

Take a look at the website for the show and you will see the history behind the show as well as some of the other vehicles you may see there. As always, I truly love the fact that I work for a company that not only values the employees it hires but also gives to so many charities as well.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer Manager

Summer Returns & So Does Heat Related Damage to Electrical Cabinets

Summer has not officially arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, according to the calendar, but temperatures have started to push 90 degrees Fahrenheit here in Cincinnati. As the temperatures increase, your electronics may start to feel the heat. High temperatures can cause circuits breakers to trip, controllers to shutdown, and connectors to be very sensitive.  We have seen electronics lose machine control, report bad readings, or if the heat is not managed promptly, damage circuitry. EXAIR Cabinet Coolers Systems are a simple, quickly installed and effective solution to heat related problems. Beside being installed in minutes and shipping from stock, they have additional benefits over fans, air conditioners and heat exchangers.

During the heat of the summer, fans, air conditioners, and heat exchangers may fail when you need them most.  For instance,  a fan and a heat exchanger work because the temperature differential between the ambient temperature and the inside of a cabinet is large. As the temperature rises, the ambient temperature goes up and a fan or heat exchanger lose their ability to remove heat from the cabinet. In a climate controlled environment this works great, in a hot plant floor without air conditioning, it is a recipe for failure.

So if fans aren’t a good solution you may turn to air conditioners in the summer because they can still produce very cold air at much higher ambient temperatures. You will need hours to install them, cross your fingers that they arrive undamaged, hope the condenser and other moving parts don’t fail and provide a drain for the condensate. If you are in a dusty environment, the filters will clog more often in the summer and require more maintenance. As the temperature rises the air conditioning systems run more often which means they pull in more air and particulate that will clog the filters and lead to reliability problems in the compressor. This compressor is subjected to more of a work load in the summer and more airflow restriction, if the filters are not changed often. This may lead to more air condition filters during the summer months.

EXAIR compressed air operated Cabinet Coolers System are a great solution for cooling enclosures. They operated via vortex cooling which requires no moving parts or filters from the outside air.  They drop your compressed air temperature 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Mounting requires a compressed air supply, a standard electrical knockout, and the locknut that comes with the Cabinet Cooler System. The cooling is produced immediately with no lag time. A Electronic temperature controller is a available to maintain a temperature of your choosing.

ETC Dual CC Systems

Cabinet Cooler with ETC

Cabinet Cooler Systems are maintenance free with a clean dry supply of compressed air. Recently, we tested a cabinet cooler that was over twenty years old that still tested to our production standard.  The customer was delighted to hear that is was working so well they wanted it returned.  Cabinet Cooler Systems are available for NEMA 12, NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X enclosures. Kits include compressed air filtration to keep water, dirt and oil out of your enclosure. If you see an open panel door this summer, look into a Cabinet Cooler Systems. We can help you beat the heat.

fan enclosure

Cabinet Coolers will help you avoid this situation.

EXAIR’s Cabinet Coolers are in stock and ready to ship to you same day if ordered by 3:00 pm EDT. You can have it tomorrow if you like.

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer



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