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EXAIR’s products are certainly widely used in industrial environments.However, many of the products that they are used on are recognizable in the consumer world as well.Pool cue manufacturers, food processors, and even promotional entertainment at sporting events, are all aided by EXAIR products.

One company used our Line Vac as part of a “gatling gun” type product to help launch t-shirts into the crowd at a basketball game!Short bursts of air through the Line Vac gave a huge push to the t-shirts, to get them to even the farthest corners of the arena.

You know that pool cue that you’ve had for 15 years, the one that gives you the perfect shot every time, and whose finish looks just as shiny now as it did the day you bought it?It’s quite possible that the wooden surface of the cue was cleaned off using an Ion Air Jet, so the shiny finishing material would adhere perfectly, and last longer than the user’s perfect 8-ball corner pocket shot.

Have you ever opened up a brand new bottle of soda or juice, only to find out that it is totally empty inside?If yes, then that processing and packaging line did not use an EXAIR air nozzle.If not, then you may have EXAIR to thank.EXAIR’s air nozzles are commonly used in part ejection processes to remove bad or defective parts from a processing line, so they never end up in the consumer’s hands.

Here is a video created by Cowper, who sells our products in Canada, of another such part ejection application.  Defective parts on a sawmill line are quickly and precisely removed from the conveyor by an EXAIR air nozzle, without interfering in the rest of the process.

These are just a few of the millions of applications for EXAIR’s many products.Do you have an interesting story about using an EXAIR product?Are you trying to set up your own unique application and need some help?Please share your ideas, comments, questions.We would love to hear them!

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