energy, cant live without it, need to conserve as much as possible

No fancy videos this week, folks. Just a shameless plug for our local electric company, Duke Energy, and for our very own Super Air Nozzles. For those of you that don’t know, the remnants of Hurricane Ike swept up through the Midwest early last week, knocking down trees and power lines, cutting off power to more than 90% of the Greater Cincinnati area, including EXAIR. We worked by a generator-powered fax machine and phone system, and battery operated lanterns on Monday. Thankfully, we did have power back on Tuesday. It’s over a week later and some of our employees still do not have power back yet. But, Duke Energy has been working around the clock with a greatly increased staff to restore power to everyone as quickly as possible. They understand how important energy and electricity have become to us. Our world seems to both shut down and become completely chaotic at the same time when the lights go out.

But, even before the windstorm, Duke Energy was certainly aware of the importance of energy and energy savings. They are offering an energy savings rebate program for Ohio and Kentucky customers who purchase and install engineered air nozzles. You can get $20 back for each engineered nozzle purchased to reduce your overall energy consumption. All of EXAIR’s air nozzles are engineered air nozzles. So, for every EXAIR engineered air nozzle you install to replace an energy wasteful open pipe blowoff, you will not only save $20 off the purchase price, but you will also instantly reduce your air consumption and consequently your energy usage.

Sound too good to be true? If you are in Ohio or Kentucky, it really is just that simple. Here is the form you need to fill out to apply for the rebate.

Duke Energy Nozzle Rebate Form – Ohio Customers

The specifics of which nozzles will apply for the rebate are listed on the form. This particular offer is for us Ohioans and our neighbors across the river in Kentucky only. However, I am sure that other local energy companies have similar initiatives. It can do nothing but benefit you to contact your own local energy provider and see what opportunities you may have there. If they currently have a similar program, great, you can start taking advantage right away. If not, you may be able to convince them of the benefits of such a program, and get them to start their own. We’d like to hear what they are doing in your area. Post a reply, call or email us.

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