“How it’s used”: Standard Air Knife and escalator hand rails

Rather than a new demo video, we have another real-life application video this time for you. It is a long video, about 5 ½ minutes, but is worth the watch. This video shows the process of making rubber escalator handrails. We can’t take the production credits for this one, as you can definitely see the Discovery Channel logo in the lower right hand corner of the screen. But, we certainly appreciate the cameo of our product. At approx 1:25 into the video, there is a nice clear shot of our Standard Air Knife being used to dry off the strips as they exit the cooling water bath and pass through the airstream.

If you have any videos of our products in use, or happen to come across one online or otherwise, please post it here. We, as well as the other blog viewers, would love to see it!

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