Community of Cabinet Coolers ensures reliability for tobacco processor

I recently got word from my contact at our Indonesian distributor that a customer of theirs has a process where tobacco leaves are stripped of the vein, stem and other un-wanted parts. The desirable part is then packaged for further processing into cigarettes. The customer’s factory is a new one that is running product for one of the largest cigarette manufacturers in Indonesia. The customer runs their process 24/7 to keep up with the demand from their end user. For this reason, reliability of their equipment is a top concern. The cabinets under review are a whole series of panels used to house motor drives that control the process.

The customer compared Freon based air conditioners to Cabinet Coolers. They weighed the benefits and drawbacks of both types of systems. It was decided after a positive review on the Cabinet Cooler from their customer, that they would use the Cabinet Cooler for their cooling solution. Their customer has had some installed and in use for 3 years without any problem.

The customer even looked at the cost of maintaining compressors to support the air usage for this “community of cabinet coolers”. The cost analysis when compared to maintaining Freon based air conditioner units was going to be less and so the customer had no problem investing in the compressor capacity to provide the air needed.

The customer installed 23 units of model 4380 and 20 units of model 4330 to cool the motor drive cabinets.  The cabinet coolers have been installed and running 24/7 since September 2008 without any problem.


Neal Raker
Application Engineer  

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