Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow

The other day, I was talking to a customer who is providing a testing service for a manufacturer of shocks and struts. The test is one of cycle testing to failure for a shock absorber. The problem is that due to the nature of the testing cell, very little heat is removed from the shock absorber assembly. The customer wanted to simulate the airflows that would normally move past the shock absorber when installed and moving inside a vehicle. Currently, the problem is that the rubber grommets at each end of the shock are getting too hot and failing.


This is where the blowing comes in. Since Air Amplifiers are perfectly suited for creating such airflows, I recommended that the customer use our model 120022. This is a 2″ diameter output Super Air Amplifier and can produce anything from a small breeze to a high velocity blast up to about 350 SCFM. With use of a pressure regulator, the customer was able to dial in the performance of the Super Air Amplifier such that the airflow mimicked that of normal air streams moving past a vehicle while in motion.


The result was that the customer was able to completely eliminate premature failure of the rubber grommets due to over-heating in the unnatural environment of the test cell.

I have had this application before with other testing companies who were testing everything from steering components, suspension components and even braking systems.


Neal Raker

Application Engineer




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