A Snow Day In Cincinnati

361 School Closings in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Area at last count. The great white storm of 2009 fell last night at a whopping 3″ (maybe 4″) and shut the place down. Now understand, as a guy from Grand Rapids, MI; a 4″ snowfall does not qualify for closing anything.

Here is where I ramble about being a kid walking 1 mile to school, in the snow, uphill both ways with 16″ of snow which fell just on the walk to school – not to mention the 3 feet which had fallen overnight. But I digress.

The fundamental difference between Cincinnati and Grand Rapids, MI is kind and quantity of equipment. Grand Rapids has many more and much larger snow plows. This allowed us to function just fine with great deals of snow. It took a fairly significant snow fall to keep us from running our days as efficiently as possible.

It is the same situation when discussing difference between compressed air systems. It is important to outfit your system with the right size and quantity of engineered compressed air products to optimize the system efficiency. And if the equipment can pay for itself with a fast ROI, then it is an easy decision.

EXAIR carries a complete line of products which allow you quantify your compressed air consumption, optimize your compressed air efficiency and increase safety while paying for itself with a real and calculatable ROI. If you have open blow offs, continuous blowoffs, high sound levels or OSHA concerns – we can help.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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