More is Less

Less WORK for you that is. All of our products have some related products available which make the installation easier and the application better. These items are typically found in an accessories section for the product or related products section on our website. These additional items help with efficiency, mounting, plumbing and controlling our products.

All of our products can use a filter separator.  We offer them properly sized and ready to go with whatever you purchase from EXAIR. Many of our products also benefit from a pressure regulator, allowing you to run the product as efficiently as possible. Every product which uses a filter and/or regulator can be bought in a kit, preventing you from having to size and source them separately.

Once you purchase a product, you will need to install and mount it into your application. We have a Universal Air Knife Mounting System which holds and positions any style Air Knife. We have swivel fittings for our Super Air Nozzles up to 1/2 NPT. A magnetic base comes in handy when placing an Air Nozzle on a machine or conveyor frame.

EXAIR carries air line supply hose to feed our products with compressed air. It can be bought in 10′ lengths and in 3/8″ or 1/2″ inside diameter. Our Air Knife Plumbing Kits simplify trying to find all the right fittings for a clean plumbing job. The fittings and hose included are all the right size for the job, preventing any restriction of air supply. They provide an easy way to plumb up our longer knives which require two and three compressed air inlets.

The EXAIR EFC, Electronic Flow Control, can operate any blowoff product efficiently. The EFC will control the air by turning it on and off as needed for the application. The air flow is controlled by a photo eye and solenoid valve. Again this product is complete and ready to go so you do not have to assemble all of the products yourself. And a simple ball valve can come in handy for the manual applications we solve.

So you see, EXAIR offers MORE and we can make it LESS WORK installing the products. You will use LESS AIR when controlling pressure and keeping your air clean. And you will spend LESS TIME looking for the associated products. And as we all know – less work, less air and less time equals more money saved.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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