Powder Removal

A company that assembles parts with powdered Loc Tite®  is having problems with residual powder on the assembly surfaces that is causing problems in a later painting operation.

It was suggested that they use a Vac U Gun with a brush attachment to vacuum the dust away. This solved their problem.

To expand further on a good idea, they then wanted to automate the operation so they contacted me for more ideas. They had a pick-and-place robotic arm that inserted the Loc Tite®-ed bolts into their respective holes. So it was a simple matter of replacing the Vac U Gun with a Line Vac  and a section of hose, with the brush attachment connected to the end of the hose. 

This assembly was then attached to the side of the robotic arm and programmed to move over the installed bolt, turn on the compressed air, and vacuum the residual powder all in one operation.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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