Air Nozzle Prepares Surface for Date Code

An ink jet date code was delivered with poor quality onto a water bottle due to the residual water left from the bottle washing operation. Our customer also needed to keep air consumption to a minimum, and have some adjustability for different sized bottles.

Since the target area was only a small portion of the bottle, an air nozzle provided a good solution.

The EXAIR 2″ Super Air Nozzle and a shim set for the nozzle allowed us to fulfill the minimal air requirement request. The shim set for the nozzle allows customers to install thinner shims to minimize air flow while maintaining pressure through the nozzle. Maintaining full pressure also maximizes force applied to the target surface. This nozzle and shim combo, at 80 PSIG, can flow from 9-30SCFM without losing force, which can occur when simply lowering pressure.

Our Stay Set Hose completed the requirements by providing adjustment to the position of the nozzle. This product allowed the customer to move the air nozzle as needed for different sized bottles.

And as always, the OSHA requirements for noise levels and dead end pressure of compressed air products were maintained.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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