Reducing False Rejects in Vision System

In the midst of these tough economic times, companies are looking for all sorts of ways to cut costs.  One way to do this is to reduce wasted material. 

A large automotive manufacturer was wasting a lot of perfectly good rubber valve stem seals, due to false rejects from the vision inspection system, caused by dust on the seals.  Static electricity was likely contributing to the dust particles sticking on the parts.  So, an Ion Air Jet was the perfect solution.  It will provide a stream of ionized air to both eliminate the static charge causing the particles to stick, as well as actually blowing the dust off the seals, so it would not be detected by the vision system. 

Because the parts are rather small and lightweight, a pressure regulator was also recommended, so the pressure could be dialed down to a level that would sufficiently remove the dust, without disturbing the seals themselves.  Not to mention that decreasing the inlet air pressure is another way to create cost savings, as it decreases the compressed air consumption of the unit. 

So, we were able to create savings in two ways, with the installation of one compressed air product and an accessory. 

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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