Cleaning a Shaft in Cutting Process

Automated processes can be very nice from the standpoint that they do not require a lot of  human intervention. But when they do require constant attention they can be a real headache.

Case in point, I spoke with a customer who works for a manufacturer of shocks and struts. As many of you may know, much of this process is automated. This includes the beginning of the process where the solid rod is cut to length. The rods are cut to length and then ejected out to a transport to move the rod to the next station in assembly. The problem is that the rod still has cutting fluid on it.

This actually causes a few problems. First, it makes that part of the process particularly dirty due to all the carry-out of the cutting fluid. Second, the carry-out depletes the cutting fluid at a faster rate so it has to be replenished on a more frequent basis.

The customer decided to use our Model 2402 (2″ Super Air Wipe) to pass the cut rods through when they are ejected from the cutting area. The Super Air Wipe blows the chips and any cutting fluid back into the cutting machine. Now, when you walk by, you see a nice clean floor and the cutting fluid only has to be checked once per shift instead of every hour as was the case before.

We have had similar applications in the past that range from extrusions that need to be cooled to steel rods that have been ground on their outside diameter by centerless grinding which then need to be blown off.

So, if you have an application in which a round profile or something similar needs to have some coolant, oil or other contaminant blown off prior to movement to next process, consider the Super Air Wipes. We have them in sizes from 1/2 inch to 11 inches inside diameter.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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