Super Air Knife Replaces Drilled Pipe

I’d like to share a classic story with you of a customer who replaces a homemade blowoff device with an EXAIR product, and reaps the benefits.  I spoke to a gentleman last week from an automotive engine parts company who works at one of their strip mills.  He shared with me 4 examples of plastic drilled pipes that they were using to blow off welding slag, water, oil, chips, sanding grit, etc, from the sheet.  He was looking for a more efficient means to do this.

I did not even have to blink an eye before recommending our 12″ Aluminum Super Air Knife to replace each drilled pipe.  Based on the size and amount of holes in their drilled pipe, I knew they were using a considerable amount of compressed air. 

1 pipe had 30 holes, 3/32″ in diameter.  At 80psi of inlet pressure, this is a whopping 282scfm of air consumption!  Compared to our 12″ Super Air Knife, which uses only 34.8scfm at 80psi.  This comes out to nearly a 700% savings in compressed air usage and cost!

Using a standard cost of $0.25/1000 standard cubic feet of compressed air, it would cost $33.80 to operate that 1 drilled pipe for 1 8-hour shift.  It would only cost $4.17 to operate our 12″ Super Air Knife for that same shift.  So, you can see how quickly his savings will begin to add up.

Letting him know of the low air consumption rates, high air amplification ratio, and low operating cost of our Super Air Knives, he seemed quickly impressed and hopeful. 

I also let him know that a Super Air Knife will provide a much more even blowoff across the width of the strip, as it is a continuous curtain of air, rather than high and low spots because of the drilled holes.  This only added to his optimism about the possible switch. 

After conferring with the powers that be on his end, they have since purchased a few units for the specific locations we initially discussed.  However, he did mention that there are other locations that could benefit from the same switch.  And I am confident that once these few initial units prove the benefits, the other locations will follow as well.  The savings will quickly add up with each drilled pipe that is replaced by one of our Super Air Knives.

Saving money has never been more important than it is now.  So, if you have some similar potential savings opportunities in your plant by replacing homemade blowoffs, please let us know.  We would love to help you start saving compressed air and money too.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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