Clean Aggregate from Conveyor Belt with Super Air Knife

This time of year, as the construction and road crews are geared up and running more production, they require more materials from their suppliers. I spoke with a large manufacturer of construction block and asphalt mix last week.

He was trying to solve the same problem he always has; he gets aggregate buildup within the surface texture of his belt. They have regular shut downs of the conveyor line to clean the buildup of aggregate which the scrapers and brushes do not remove from the belt. This extra weight from material buildup causes additional wear and tear on his drive components. It begins to fall off on to the return idlers and bearings, causing damage.

We outfitted the belt with a 24″ Super Air Knife mounted at the head pulley to remove the smaller and finer aggregate from the surface texture of the belt. Benefit number one is increased time between shut downs for cleaning. Benefit two is less wear upon the drive components, and three is decreased damage and repair time for the conveyor return parts.

All of these benefits have a definable cost savings and result in increased production. This is exactly what is needed to keep supplying the hard working construction crews.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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