Super Air Wipe Removes Tramp Water From Extrusion

Many times in the extrusion process there is a cooling water bath after the extrusion. A typical problem with this setup is tramp water staying on the part(s) and carrying over on the floor or machinery. The water carry-over also causes the need to continue to add water to the cooling bath.

A customer who extrudes a plastic coating on wire cable used to reinforce concrete was having the previously mentioned problems. The tramp water in this case was being carried all the way to the winding station and left wet and messy coils of cable.

The customer purchased an EXAIR 2″ Super Air Wipe Kit to prevent the problem. One of the features of the Super Air Wipe, a hinged design, was desirable to prevent threading the very long lengths of cable through the Super Air Wipe. And the 300′ per minute speeds of the process were well within the range of the Super Air Wipe.

Positioning the Super Air Wipe to blow the water from the cable and back into the cooling bath kept the water where it was supposed to be, in the cooling tank. And the wound coils of coated cable no longer created a mess or housekeeping issues.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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