Line Vac Removes Plastic Trim Scrap

Most often, the material conveyed by our Line Vacs is made up of many small, individual pieces of material, such as granules, capsules, etc.  However, it is also possible to convey a continuous single piece of material as well.  The primary application of this sort is trim scrap removal.

I spoke to a customer last week looking to do exactly this.  His company manufactures various types of plastic fabrics.  The particular machine in question was moving a web of non-woven polypropylene fabric.  The web is being cut to a specific width, by trimming off both edges, to make a clean cut line on both sides.

Because the web is not always at a consistent width to start, the trimmed pieces can range anywhere from 0.5″ to 3″ wide.  But, the material is very lightweight and flexible.  So, an oversized Line Vac was not necessary.  I recommended to him to use a 2.5″ unit.  The suction of the unit will be enough to easily collapse the wider pieces and carry them through without clogging.  It will also have plenty of vacuum to keep up with the travel rate of the moving web. 

Using the Line Vac will prevent a mess of scrap fabric from collecting on the machine, and will keep the scraps from interfering with the cutting operation and potentially creating a flawed cut line.  It will also convey the scrap to a collection box near the machine for easy disposal at a later time.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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