You say your first EXAIR product application was successful?

You should take a look at the rest of the product line. Chances are that your search for a solution remained focused upon a specific product or two. Our website explained the benefits and applications for these products and you chose it as a solution. Or you contacted us and received a recommendation from an Application Engineer via the phone, e-mail or live chat.

Now that you know we can provide good solutions, quality product, fast service and delivery – you should continue to take advantage.

We know you have that nagging application you are having trouble solving. We know you have those open air lines just begging for OSHA to visit you. We know you bought an extra compressor to keep up with your air demands.

Our broad product line and unique products can solve one-of-a-kind and difficult applications. Our experience with crazy and successful applications is unmatched. Don’t let the application nag you any longer, let us take a crack at it.

That homemade blow off and open air lines should be outfitted with engineered air nozzles to save you as much air as possible. The pipe with drilled holes should be replaced with an Air Knife to increase efficiency and lower noise levels. You can do without the fine from OSHA, and recoup compressed air costs at the same time.

We have assisted many companies; some of them have shut down a compressor or eliminated the need for another compressor. We have lowered environmental noise levels. We have helped them benchmark their compressed air consumption and provided the products to lower the demand.

So take a look at the rest of the products. If you have any questions on how they may help you, please let us know.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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