Cabinet Cooler Adds New Life to Panel Choked With Dust and Heat

I have had a few interactions with customers working in paper mills lately and would like to tell you about the newest situation.

The customer works in a paper recycling plant which is hot, dirty,and most of all, dusty. The dust settles in every nook and cranny within the plant, including the control panels. Paper dust, being an insulator, settles on cabinet walls, circuit boards, heat transfer fins and simply makes a big mess out of the operation of the panel. All the heat that should normally be released through conduction and convection can no longer get out, causing overheating and failure.

This customer had two panels in particular that were quite troublesome. These panels were a bit larger than our normal consideration but we were still able to size them up to a 4000 Btu/hr. and 4800 Btu/hr. Cabinet Cooler system to offset the heat load in the two problem panels. Once the Cabinet Coolers were installed and the dust removed from inside the panels, the customer has had zero downtime due to overheating. The Cabinet Coolers provide a positive pressure inside the panels with clean, dry, cool air. So, they keep the panels cool in two ways by keeping them clean with the positive pressure and with the cold airflow.

Another positive note that this customer and others have experienced is that these Cabinet Coolers can run in very harsh conditions that would plug up ordinary freon based air conditioners and do so with very little maintenance. Washing or replacing a compressed air filter element is all the maintenance that is needed every once in a while.

If you have a similar application/environment in which you think a Cabinet Cooler could benefit you in the same way, please let us know. If you are a skeptic and would like to see for yourself, we do have a 30 day guarantee that allows you to purchase a system and try it out for 30 days to prove out the solution. The guarantee is our tool to get the product in your hands to give it a try.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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