Cabinet Cooler Keeps Nerves Calm

We have a customer whose business it is to dispose of various types of nerve gas. They dispose of it by an incineration process. Thus, they must monitor the emissions coming out of the exhaust stack to make sure that the combustion process is complete. The monitoring of the exhaust gas is carried out by electronics mounted in an enclosure off to the side of the exhaust stack. Frequently, these electronics will fail due to overheating as the box is located outside and exposed to direct sun. It also receives a good amount of heat transmission from the exhaust stack as well.

When the electronics become overheated, an alarm goes off warning the operator of the condition and they no longer have monitoring capability. Due to the nature of what they are incinerating, this is an unacceptable condition.

We performed the necessary heat load calculations and recommended Model HT4825SS High Temperature Cabinet Cooler System. Since installation of the new cooling system, the customer no longer has any heat related failures which were once an all too common and highly stressful occurrence.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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