Line Vac Removes Punched Metal Slugs

EXAIR’s Line Vac is capable of moving many different materials. We have moved plastic pellets, crumb rubber, activated carbon, sand, ground glass, grains and worms, just to name a few. Each different material and necessary volume dictates the type and size of Line Vac.

One of our customers is a custom machine builder with a focus on automated assembly machines. They designed an assembly system which included an assembly cell to punch holes in a 23 gage steel strip. The 15mm wide strip had a hole every one inch.

The punch process clearly created many slugs. They included a 1″ Stainless Steel Line Vac Kit into the design. The stainless steel Line Vac will resist abrasion from the metal slugs. It also presents a small footprint and minimal air consumption for a product capable of moving the slugs 10′ into a bulk hopper for later disposal.

And we know it is always important for an OEM to keep costs down. The Line Vac kit option was less expensive than other mechanical options. This OEM customer has utilized many of the sizes of Line Vac with other custom systems they have built. This has allowed them to move many different types of material.

EXAIR Line Vacs are manufactured up to 5″ in diameter. They are available in 4 materials (Aluminum, 303 SS, 316 SS, Hard Coated) and can also be made special order from PVDF or similar plastics.

If you need a simple, low cost solution for a material transfer application, consider an EXAIR Line Vac.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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