Clean Up Application and Increase Productivity With a Cold Gun

I had an application today where the solution made so much sense, I felt it was a perfect candidate to discuss here today.
The customer works in an aluminum foundry. Specifically, he worked in the area where all the secondary work is performed to remove the molds, cores and any extraneous parts of the casting such as risers. This application involved sawing off 6 risers of 3″ diameter from the casting.

Previously, the customer was using an abrasive cut-off blade and a lot of coolant to cut the risers. The process was messy and consumed a lot of saw blades.
Customer then moved to a carbide tipped circular saw blade of 16″ diameter. They also added Cold Gun Model 5330 to the guard on the saw blade to replace the previous liquid coolant system. The dual point hose kit of the Cold Gun was aimed at each side of the blade right at the point where the blade enters the kerf or cut in the material. In this way, the Cold Gun was able to cool the blade and the work piece.
With the cold air from the Cold Gun, the customer was able to completely eliminate use of liquid coolant and was thus able to save 1 hour of processing time per casting between saw cutting speed as well as no longer having to put the casting through subsequent cleaning process. A simple blow-down with compressed air is all that was needed to “clean” the casting.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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