Air Leaks: Not Worth Fixing?

False! Fix your leaks. They could be wasting an estimated 30% of your total compressed air. If you begin  to pay attention to your compressed air leaks and proactively start to fix them, you could have a system which is working better and save an additional 20% of compressed air losses.

My father-in-law has a workshop on the farm. He runs a 7.5 Hp compressor and keeps it on at all times. He does not use the compressed air too often but he wants it available immediately when he needs to use it. He runs one air line down the length of his barn for a local source of air at the other end.

At his compressor you can hear it leaking from a quick disconnect, and at the opposite end you can here it leaking from an air gun connection. His compressor will sit about 15 minutes before it powers up again to re-pressurize the system. He is simply using electricity to keep his pressure up on a system he might use once a day.

In an industrial environment it is difficult to always hear a small leak, but also recognize there will be many more leaks around due to the additional fittings and connections. The result is the same, your system is running more often to simply re-pressurize the losses you experience through leaks.

A good leak detection program starts by identifying the leaks, many times using an ultrasonic leak detector which is capable of identifying the leaks we would not normally hear. These leak spots can then be identified and fixed. Fixing leaks can reduce the overall time your compressor runs and extend its lifetime. This can also reduce maintenance costs by cutting down on the run time.

Ultrasonic leak detectors can be an inexpensive solution to an expensive problem. EXAIR can assist you with many more air savings products and solutions. If you have any questions for us let us know.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation

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