Preventive Cooling of an Electrical Control Panel

Machine downtime due to overheating of the electrical controls is unfortunately not at all uncommon.  But, there is a way to both prevent and treat the issue.  EXAIR offers Cabinet Coolers for just this purpose. 

I recently spoke to an OEM of slitters, rewinders, and other moving web equipment.  They are building a machine for a customer of theirs, and want to incorporate cooling in the machine control panel.  Because this is a new installation, and not treatment of an existing heat-related issue, there are no temperature measurements to take in order to calculate the heat load.  So, the estimated heat generation of the equipment to be installed was considered instead.  The enclosure itself is rated Nema 12 for dust and oil mist protection, and the equipment inside will be powered by 24VDC. 

Taking all of the above information into account, a model 4340-24VDC was the best choice to offer this customer.  This is a complete kit which includes the cooler itself, a cold air distribution hose kit to direct the cold air to hot spots, an automatic drain filter separator to remove water and dirt from the compressed air supply line and prevent it from entering the enclosure, a thermostat preset at 95°F to prevent over-cooling and excess air consumption while still maintaining a safe operating temperature of the equipment, and a 24VDC solenoid valve to activate the cooler based on the signals from the thermostat.

Installing this cooler system will provide all of the components they need to ensure and maintain a safe operating temperature inside the control panel.  This will prevent heat-related shutdowns of the machine and allow the web to move continuously with little, if any, downtime or re-feeds and restarts. 

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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