So Many Ways to Say Thank You

With our fast paced society and text messaging, a whole set of acronyms or net lingo like TNX, TXS, TY, TYVM have come about just to say thanks.

When it comes to cooling, there are many ways to go about it. As long as the cooling medium is below the temperature of what is being cooled, heat energy will be transferred from the higher temp material to the lower. For example you cool your coffee, which is around 160°F, with your breath which is 98°F. So you can see even hot air can provide cooling.

There are two ways to increase that rate of cooling, increase the volume of the cooling medium or decrease the temperature of the cooling medium. In the above example you are not able to change the temperature of you breath so you blow faster to achieve the same.

EXAIR has several products that will provide cooling. All except the Vortex Tube products provide amplified volumes of ambient temperature air. The vortex products provide below ambient temperatures but at a reduced volume.

So when a customer approaches me with a cooling application, We have to determine which product will give them the most bang for the buck. For small spot cooling the vortex products perform well. On larger applications with temperature well above ambient, such as pictured here [click], Air Amplifiers and Air Knives work well.

If you have a cooling application I would be happy to go over it with you for my recommendations.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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