Heavy Duty Line Vac Quickly Moves Lots of Sand

I was recently contacted by a company who is a subsidiary of and does castings for a major firearms manufacturer.  They have sand in large barrels that needs to be moved only 4ft, all vertical.  But, they were looking to move 1100 pounds in 2 hours or less. 

Our 2″ Heavy Duty Line Vac was the perfect product to recommend to him.  It is made of a heat treated high alloy steel, so it can withstand the abrasive nature of the sand.  It is also our highest capacity air conveyor, able to move over 500 lb/hr of rock salt over a distance of 100ft.  Well above the distance requirement for this application.  If the 2″ unit can move just under the required amount of material over a much longer distance, then it will have no problem moving at least the required amount of material over the much shorter distance of only 4ft.

So, it was a no-brainer that this would be the solution.  It will save time and man hours by not having to move the sand manually, and will allow for increased production capacity.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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