And Then The Rains Came!

It’s funny now but at the time it was a serious matter. We were experiencing a torrential downpour and lightning knocked out power. At a nearby customer’s facility they were in a panic mode. With no electricity, they could not close their motorized dock doors. Although there is a manual release, the cotton ropes had all but rotted over the years and broke when pulled to try and release the closer mechanism.

Heavy winds blew in torrents of rain and flooded his facility. To add insult to injury, the surge of rain caused their floor drains to back flow, sending geysers of water throughout the shop.

Their wet/dry shop vac was no match for the task. Ordering a Model # 6296 Deluxe Reversible Drum Vac System, they sent a courier to pick it up. The Drum Vac with the capacity to vacuum up 55 gallons of water in a little over a minute, made damage control quick and effective.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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