Furnace Heat No Match For High Temp Cabinet Cooler

A customer who heat treats pipe for use in oil and gas drilling operations was experiencing heat-related shutdowns of the burner control equipment because the control box was located directly above the furnace being used to do the heat treating.  Not the most ideal setup due to the high ambient temperatures near the furnace, but not to worry.  I was able to offer him a simple solution. 

Based on the current internal temperatures the control box was reaching and the target maximum temperature he was trying to get to, a 1700 BTU/hr unit was going to work best.  The enclosure was Nema 4 rated, and the ambient temperatures were reaching up to 145°F.  Thus, a model HT4825 High Temp Cabinet Cooler System was the perfect solution.  It has the cooling capacity to keep the control box at a safe operating temperature for the equipment inside.  Its components are made of materials that are able to withstand the high ambient temperatures.  The thermostat control will allow the unit to shut off as needed, to minimize compressed air consumption. 

Upon hearing my recommendation, he was thankful that we had a solution to offer him, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that his problem was going to be a simple one to fix, quickly.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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