Cooling Adhesive

EXAIR’s Spot Cooling Products are commonly used to cool adhesive. This application is cooling an adhesive which is familiar to all of us; it’s that stuff which keeps our staples held together in those handy staple logs.

The staples processed in this application are the heavy duty staples used in an industrial staple gun. These staples are heated to about 200°F which allows an initial piece of tape to be applied to the underside of the staples. The tape melts to the staples and creates the staple log.

After the tape has the staples held together, an adhesive is applied to the top of the staples. The adhesive must be cooled quickly or it will continue to bake. If the adhesive is not cooled it becomes very brittle and dry and does not hold the staple log together. After the adhesive is cooled the tape is removed.

An EXAIR Adjustable Spot Cooler provides the cooling on the adhesive immediately after it is applied. This has prevented the adhesive from breaking down due to excessive heat. And because this manufacturer runs multiple sizes of staples on their production lines, the Adjustable Spot Cooler gives them the flexibility to adjust the temperature and volume of cold air if necessary for larger or smaller staple sizes.

EXAIR will help keep your staples together; you just keep using them for your papers.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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