Lucky Potato Chips

A snack food company contacted me for a way to separate out potato chips that were stuck together. These are considered process rejects.  But as kids these were prized as “Lucky Chips”. We would search for them as you would four-leaf clovers.

What I suggested to this customer was to split the conveyor leaving a space between the two parts and with the first conveyor standing higher than the second. Then underneath the higher conveyor, we mounted a model 110024 Super Air Knife blowing horizontally and through the stream of chips falling down onto the second conveyor.

The single chips being lighter blew over onto the second conveyor. The “Lucky Chips” being heavier did not quite make it across and fell through the space between the conveyors.

I was going to ask to get a bag of their rejects to take back to my next family reunion and make my siblings envious. But we are grown up now and it would not have the same significance as it did back then.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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