Line Vac Improves Work Conditions

So imagine the guy who cleans up bulk material load spills from underneath rail cars. Sounds fun eh? It seems difficult and back breaking, but our Line Vac improved the process.

A logistics company who handles bulk material load transfers from rail to truck is unloading roofing granules; those tiny little pebbles which coat your shingles. They move the granules from the rail cars into a truck. The granules are poured out of hoppers from the bottom of the rail cars. During this process some of the granules get dumped in between the rail road tracks and around the track area.

Once they clean up the granules it is fairly simple.  The location is remote, so they simply wheelbarrow the granules up to the nearby dirt road and grade them into the road. But getting the granules from under the rail car into the wheel barrow requires a person to go under the car and scoop out the granules with a shovel.

Fortunately the employees’ boss had concerns about safety and injuries from moving around a lot in a little space. EXAIR provided a 2″ Heavy Duty Line Vac along with a suction hose to remove the granules. It has eliminated the need to go all the way under the rail car. And it is moving the granules 150′, all the way up to the road area where they can be spread out on the road.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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