Blowing off Hams

Customer processes picnic hams. Their process is to insert the ham into a wrap as it exits the oven. The heat from the ham shrinks the wrap, providing an air tight seal. The wrapped ham then enters a water bath to cool it for bulk packing and to stop any further cooking. The wrapped hams are then labeled.  They were having problems with applying a label to a wet surface as well as wetting the corrugated boxes they were packed in.

Using (2) 9″ Super Air Knives Model #110009 to blow off the sides and a 24″ Super Air Knife Model #110024 to blow off the top, they were able to remove residual water so that the labels were able to stick. This eliminated all re-labelling and avoided having to pack them in expensive waterproof lined boxes.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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