Chip Vac Aids Recycling, Cleans Lathe

Who ever thought an industrial vacuum could be so green? And it is not only because our Chip Vac is being used to aid recycling. Some additional attributes lend themselves to its green-ness.

     1. No Moving Parts – The Chip Vac can last a lifetime without wearing out or breaking. There are multiple versions of a Chip Vac (Heavy Duty Dry Vac) for heavier more abrasive products to ensure a long lifetime.
     2. Use With Multiple Drums – Switch the drum lid assembly from one drum to another as you machine different materials. This allows you to keep the materials separate and optimize the efficiency of your scrap metal recycling.
     3. No Electric Motor – no worries with continuous operation, no motors to throw away and replace, lower sound levels than an electric motor for a friendlier work environment.

This particular application utilized the Chip Vac on a cedar lathe operation. The customer can sell both their cedar product and the waste cedar chips. They used to brush the chips off the machine and off of the floor into a dust pan to place them in a large bag. Now they simply place a large bag into the Chip Vac drum. Once the drum is full, they seal and remove the bag for sale at a later date.

The Chip Vac has sped up the reclamation of the cedar chips and simplified the process.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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