Just Move It Over Here and Voila! It Works!

A customer called in and had a static elimination application he needed help with. It was a pharmaceutical packaging process where the anti-tampering sleeve was being applied to a bottle of supplements. The static on the sleeve/bottle was such that the anti-tampering sleeve would lift up off the bottle and only caught the cap of the bottle when it went through the heat shrink tunnel. Needless to say, this was a big problem for the customer.

When I talked to the guy he said they were already using our static eliminators on the front end of the sleeve applicating machine. So, he already had the equipment he needed, it was just in the wrong spot within his production line. When we talk to folks about their static eliminating project, part of the discussion leads to where do you install the static eliminator for best effect? 

The answer to that question is  it should be installed in the area of the process just up-stream of the problem area.  In this case, the problem area was the heat shrink tunnel. So, moving the static eliminating air knife over the line between the sleeve applicator and the heat shrink tunnel allowed for blowing onto the sleeves to force them down onto the bottle with ionized air, which also eliminated any static that had been generated by cutting and applying the raw sleeve.

Once the ionizing air knife was moved to the right spot, everything with the anti-tampering sleeve worked just fine and it was in proper position when shrunk onto the bottle.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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