Super Air Knife Dries Railroad Spikes

A company in the rail recycling industry contacted us last week looking for a solution to implement in a cleaning process for railroad spikes.  They collect the spikes, then need to wash and dry them before they are shot blasted to smooth out the finish.  Air drying while the spikes traveled along a wire mesh conveyor was not doing the trick. 

The conveyor was approx 2ft wide, so a 24″ Super Air Knife would work well.  And since the conveyor was wire mesh, a knife could be installed both above and below the belt, to allow the airflow to better hit all sides of the spikes for more effective drying.

Installation of 2pc of Model 110024, 24″ Aluminum Super Air Knives was a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution for this application.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer


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