Super Air Knife Best Thing Since Sliced Bread in Bakery Application

You have heard the expression before.  Now we get to actually get to apply a Super Air Knife into a bread slicing machine! The customer is a bakery that produces various types of bread on a large scale production basis. The  action of slicing bread produces quite a mess with bread crumbs flying all over the machine and the immediate area around the machine. Turns out bread crumbs are like little ball bearings when you walk on them which makes walking around the machine area quite dangerous. The crumbs also tend to fly up into the machine operator’s face as well which is not a desirable condition to have from a worker safety standpoint.

The customer was looking for a way to contain the bread crumbs during the cutting process and so decided to use our Model 110024SS 24″ Stainless Steel Super Air Knife to deflect and blow the crumbs down into the machine where they can be contained by the sheet metal protection within and then cleaned up later at the end of a shift or when time permits.

It is a simple application but one that makes all the difference in the world to the operators working around the bread slicer.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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