EXAIR Nozzles Save Air and Provide Quick R.O.I.

 Just when you thought you had optimized your compressed air system, EXAIR comes along to improve it further. 

One of our customers manufactures X-Ray film. They take the film off of a roll and sheet it. The film sheets run along a vacuum belt to hold them down and hold them flat. The film rides along the belt and runs over a series of gaps in the belt. Each gap is a place where the film can be stacked in sheets. 

At these gaps the customers uses air nozzles to blow on the leading edge of the sheeted film to deposit the film into the stack. Our customer, who had doubts, called to see if we could help save additional compressed air and lower the noise in the system they had fabricated. They had a total of 49 nozzles. 

They were using nozzles which consumed 9 SCFM at 80 PSIG and produced 6 ounces of force on to a target 12″ from the nozzle. The decibel level of the nozzle was 81 dBA. Those number are pretty good, but lets look at what we provided for them. 

Our engineered Nano Super Air Nozzle consumes 8.3 SCFM at 80 PSIG, a total air consumption savings of 34.3 SCFM (49 nozzles). It produces a higher force value of 8.1 ounces on a target 12″ away and runs at a quiet 75 dBA. All improvements of the existing system! 

Just in air alone, for a 16 hour production time which runs 250 days a year we save over 8 million SCFM! And the return on investment is 209 days! 

Not bad for switching out some nozzles. 

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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