Know What Business You are Really In

During this economic down turn every business is being challenged to review the way they do business and that is a good thing. Those that meet the challenge will be all the better for it and well positioned when things turn around.

There is a lot of dialog going on in regards to initiatives companies can take. This makes great for white papers and consulting fees.  The answer is really quite basic. Business management 101 says to identify what business you are really in, how that market needs to be served, and then how well you and your competitors are positioned to serve that market.

I like to share with you a classic example of a company that did not recognize what business they were in, Heller Aller of Napoleon Ohio. Up to the early 50’s, yes I can remember that far back, every farm had a Heller Aller windmill to pump their deep wells. The Rural Electrification Act eventually brought electric service to out lying areas and farmers were converting their windmills to be actuated with electric motors.

While they saw their business drop, Heller Aller failed to realize that they were in the deep well pump business not windmills. Eventually their customers were only a handful of remote ranches and some foreign countries. Eventually in the early 1990’s they no longer were.

EXAIR corporation produces products that blow, cool, vacuum, and transfer material. We understand that these products use compressed air and that compressed air in not cheap. Therefore our focus is not on the function of these products but performing that function with the least amount of compressed air. Extensive testing and design enables our products to deliver as much a 40 times more volume of air than the volume of compressed used. I have many customers that have been able to shut down a compressor just by retrofitting all their blow offs with EXAIR engineered nozzles.

Our core business is engineered compressed air products that conserve compressed air and we continue to expand our offerings. Visit us at

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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