Strive Together, Thrive Together

EXAIR has a customer who strives to improve the quality of their product. They are a manufacturer of flat rolled aluminum product and they have recently focused upon removing more lubricating oil from their aluminum roll stock. I learned that they already have a product of excellent reputation but that they were setting themselves apart from any competition if they were able to further improve the product quality.

That kind of philosophy is one EXAIR can relate to and contribute to, simply because we also subscribe to the same philosophy. In fact since the beginning of EXAIR in 1983, we have strived to reduce air consumption on first generation Air Knives, Air Nozzles, and Air Amplifiers. We now know our second generation products as Super Air Knives, Engineered Air Nozzles and Super Air Amplifiers because of all of the performance  improvements we have made.

So now we can provide a product which results from our striving for quality and performance to a customer with the same goal. The result is a thriving business relationship.

The Super Air Knife is a great example of a second generation product which uses 15% less air than our first generation Standard Air Knife. The Super Air Knife is still able to produce the force necessary to improve our customers product which will give them an advantage in a competitive market.

This particular application is as straight forward as they come; we outfitted his web with a 60″ Super Air Knife. The knife was mounted 6″ from the surface of his web at a 45 degree angle to the web, blowing upstream. It is as simple as that.

If your company also strives for improvement in order to thrive in today’s market, please let us help.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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