Air Filters are Important for Compressed Air Products

You may notice that EXAIR offers most of our products in a kit form. These kits always contain a filter and pressure regulator with any other associated parts for a specific product. A filter is always a good addition to an end use compressed air application to keep the application running clean and effective.

A compressed air filter/separator is available with filter elements in different micron sizes to remove smaller or larger particles depending on the end use product you are using. All of EXAIR filters have 5 micron elements to remove solid contaminants and water condensate prior to running through the end use product.

It is first important to make sure the filter is sized properly for the peak flow demand of the compressed air product. We make sure all of the filters in our kits are sized properly for peak demand of the individual product. If multiple products are ordered and only one filter is desired for multiple end use products, make sure to consult an Application Engineer for the right size filter.

Filters also generally come with a clear polycarbonate bowl or a metal bowl to hold the condensate and/or contaminants. polycarbonate bowls can be damaged by some lubricants and chemicals therefore should have a metal bowl guard to protect people. Metal bowls provide much greater protection for applications of higher temperature, pressure and where chemicals may be present. If you are uncertain of the environmental conditions, a metal bowl is the best bet.

Keeping the filter bowls drained is important. EXAIR’s filters are automatic drain, which have a float mechanism to open a drain valve and release the liquid and contaminants. This keeps the filters low maintenance.

Since the filter elements trap contaminants, they will need to be changed as part of a regular maintenance program. Keeping the elements clean minimizes pressure drops in the compressed air system which keeps your end use application working properly. EXAIR also supplies replacement elements for all of our filters so we may assist in keeping your system running optimally.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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