Calculate the Value of Your Compressed Air Savings

Most everybody wants to know how much compressed air they can save when they use EXAIR products and how much money that air savings will equal. I will explain how to calculate air savings and dollars saved, hopefully with better results than this…

The basic formula for savings per hour is this:
 [ X – Y] x Comp$ x T = Saved Air Value
      X – Existing Air Consumption
      Y – EXAIR Product Consumption
Comp$ – Cost of Compressed Air per 1000 Standard Cubic Feet (SCF)
T – Time Frame of 60 Minutes
Saved Air – Air Savings in Dollars per Hour

To determine your existing air consumption you should
1. Measure your compressed air flow with a flow meter on the specific supply leg of your system.
2. Provide details about your compressed air system using the EXAIR Efficiency Lab and we will        measure or estimate your current consumption.

To determine the consumption of the EXAIR product(s), use the air consumption information provided in our catalog or website. If you would like assistance determining air consumption at a pressure other than 80 PSIG (standard pressure in the catalog or web), please contact us.

If you don’t know your actual cost of compressed air per 1000 Standard Cubic Feet (SCF), a reasonable average to use is $0.25 per 1000 SCF.

EXAMPLE: Drilled Pipe vs. Super Air Knife @ 80 PSIG
[ X – Y] x Comp$ x T = Saved Air Value

18″ drilled pipe w/ 1/16″ holes every 1/2″ (37 holes) = 140.6 SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute)
18″ Super Air Knife = 52 SCFM

[140.6 – 52.2] x [0.25/1000] x 60
88.4 x .00025 x 60
.022 x 60
= $1.33 saved per hour

Once you have the value of saved air per hour ($1.33 in this example) you can determine dollars saved per week and year depending on your schedule.
40 hour work week = $53.20 saved per week
52 weeks per year = $2766.40 saved per year 

Not bad results for a $300.00 investment! You can see additional details about this example HERE. And for an automatic calculator which shows dollar savings and return on investment calculations CLICK HERE.

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