The Proof Of The Pudding Is In The Eating


Flaming Pudding

The title of this blog is actually the correct version of what may be the more popular but incorrect version, “The Proof Is In The Pudding”. The meaning of these statements pretty much hold true though; to fully test something, you need to experience it yourself.

And so, I wanted to tell you a short story about a customer who contacted with me recently about our Heavy Duty Dry Vac. The company that contacted me specialized in preparing and painting die-cast, metal parts. Part of the preparation process was to blast the parts with an Aluminum Oxide blast media to remove all foreign material and contaminants from the parts.

The customer had found our Heavy Duty Dry Vac on-line. They were interested in using it to pick up the Aluminum Oxide blast media after they had run a batch of parts through the blasting booth. The customer had a real concern about the ability of the Heavy Duty Dry Vac to effectively pick up the blasting media. Once I understood their concern, I brought up the fact that all stocked EXAIR products come with a 30 day guarantee and that meant the customer could return the Heavy Duty Dry Vac if they were un-happy about the performance of the product.

The customer appreciated that we had such a generous program to get the tool out in the field so they could test with their own hands. But their hands were tied due to their own internal regulations. So, we did the next best thing.

The customer arranged to send a bucket full of their blasting media to EXAIR for a trial run here at our demonstration facility. We made a short video of the performance with the Aluminum Oxide material which you can view below.

The customer could not believe that we would actually produce a short but effective video to prove to them that the EXAIR Heavy Duty Dry Vac actually worked very well to move their material. They were satisfied with the result achieved on the video and placed the order for the system that very same day.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

Flaming Pudding image courtesy of James Petts  Creative commons license.

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