Part 3 of 6 in Our Journey to Optimizing your Compressed Air System

After the last poll it appears that quite a few of our readers could benefit from a leak test on their compressed air system.  In case you missed the previous part for this blog series it’s located here.  Now it’s time for the next step in optimizing your compressed air system.  This is the part within the process where our Application Engineers experience can help you.
The third step in the process is to implement our engineered solutions.  Whether your application calls for Air Knives, Super Air Nozzles, or any of our multitude of products we can help you to select the appropriate one.  We can then help you calculate the savings you will see if you know the consumption rates of your existing compressed air operation.  Now it’s time for the poll.


This is the step where most customers truly begin to see the savings. When you can install an engineered solution on your open pipe or non-engineered blow off the amount of compressed air used for your operation will in most cases decrease considerably.  This is really noticeable when you hear your compressor stop running throughout the day because it doesn’t need to.  In some cases customers are even able to turn off secondary compressors because they are now using a more efficient compressed air operation.
In the next segment of our blog series to compressed air optimization we’ll discuss yet another way to further your compressed air savings through simply turning it off.  So until next week keep those compressed air systems optimized.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer
Twitter: EXAIR_BF

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