Part 5 of 6: Make Use of Intermediate Storage in your system.

This weeks installment of Six Steps To Compressed Air Optimization is, make use of intermediate storage. For those that have missed the previous portions of the blog they are located at the following links.

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The purpose of intermediate storage in a compressed air system is to eliminate any spikes in the demand for compressed air from your compressor.  A prime example of this is for a blow off operation that only needs to consume air for a few seconds then is not needed for a period of time.  You can install a receiver tank at the point of this blow off and then reduce the immediate strain on your compressed air system.  Think of the intermediate storage as a way to smooth out all the peaks in consumption.  Anywhere you have a peak you can benefit from intermediate storage.  For those readers well versed in electricity it would be the electronic equivalent to a capacitor. 

The proper use of intermediate storage will improve your compressed air systems efficiency while also reducing the immediate demand for air from an intermittent operation.  Not to mention the installation, use, and maintenance on receiver tanks is easy and minimal.

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Brian Farno
Application Engineer
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