Optimize Compressed Air: Part 6 of 6.

If you didn’t read yesterdays blog you should really take a minute to visit it. It is even more proof that EXAIR is always on the leading edge in our industry. It also speaks about our goal to help you optimize your compressed air system. This is all done through our Six Steps To Optimizing Your Compressed Air System. For those that have followed my blog mini series you will know that this is the final part in our journey to optimization. This blog will give you the last piece of the puzzle.

The final digit in the combination to unlocking compressed air optimization is…

Control the air pressure at the point of use to minimize air consumption.

This is done by simply installing one of our pressure regulators. They are available in multiple pipe sizes and flow capacities. The simple reduction from operating at 100 PSIG to 80 PSIG will reduce your energy use by almost 20%. Not to mention that some of your operations may be able to be reduced even lower which equates to even more savings.

For those that don’t know the movie Young Guns like I do, the group of deputized marshals were also known as the Regulators.  The trailer for Young Guns is below, just for fun.

Not only are all of our pressure regulators standard stock items for us (this means they can ship same day if ordered by 3:00 P.M. Eastern Time), we also have 2D and 3D CAD drawings available through our CAD Library. This allows you to completely layout your compressed air system without ever cutting a pipe.

This is yet another way EXAIR is helping to make your path to compressed air optimization as painless as possible.

As always if you would like to discuss your application or have questions on how we can help you with your compressed air system, feel free to contact us.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer
Twitter: EXAIR_BF

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