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As we work our way through another holiday season in America, it is easy to get too busy and lose focus. And even though we may get something accomplished (like baking a homemade pie) let us not lose focus on the inspiration, effort and skill of the accomplishment. I’ll explain…

A friend, full of the Thanksgiving spirit, decided the chocolate pie she was bringing to her in-laws was going to be made from scratch this year. She was taking a break to slow down and practice the art of baking. Sharing not just a pie but the inspiration, effort, and skill not found in a pie pulled from the freezer aisle of the grocery.

The result of her efforts you ask? Her pie was not only homemade but homely, and she lost focus due to the pies appearance. The focus was lost long before the pie was ever made, it was lost when the vision of her pie included all the images printed on the sides of cardboard pie boxes in grocery freezers – the images of a perfect and visually pleasing pie she could not live up to. And she left the freshly baked, warm, homemade chocolate pie on the counter as they left for the Thanksgiving feast.

It’s really quite ridiculous, to be so fixed upon comparing the looks of your pie to the looks of a mass produced, factory printed image of a pie. That is really losing focus on what benefits my friend actually included in the pie – That pie contained her sentiment, enjoyment, accomplishment and allegiance. But she was so distracted by its appearance she forgot that the key ingredient in sharing a pie is surrendering it to pie eaters. You have to give a pie away to share its benefits. She was too worried about it looking like a perfect store bought pie that she lost focus on letting people enjoy the taste and appreciate the effort she put into it.

Her husband, who managed to eat the pie after returning home from the Thanksgiving celebration, stated it was the best tastin’ chocolate pie ever consumed, but no-one else will ever know…


As an individual, we may all like to be able to produce the perfect looking pie but we have more to offer than just the appearance of the pie. And as a company, EXAIR spends time to produce a bright catalog loaded with information and clear images as one of our marketing tools. It has many pictures of “perfect pie”, the images of the individual products, their dimensions and air flow patterns, the application photos and examples have all been looked at and confirmed as worthy of our audience. Some sense of the homemade-ness of the product is lost.

So EXAIR must also find a way to reveal ourselves as individuals to convey our original inspiration and our efforts to please customers. We should not be only a company. EXAIR does our best to show ourselves as people behind a successful brand and company. We know we must share our efforts with customers in order for this to work in everyone’s favor.

We have shared a batch of Super Air Nozzles this year by providing a free nozzle with any order from an end user. We are personally available to discuss problems and solutions. You may reach us via phone, fax, e-mail, twitter, Facebook or live chat. We, of course, also have this blog to reveal that I can relate work to chocolate pie – what a job!

So it is not just the great looking images we produce, nor just the excellent performance of the products. It is not only the quick deliveries or expert knowledge – we must also be ourselves so you can experience the enjoyment and allegiance we have for our customers. So the next time you put your inspiration, effort and skill into something, don’t lose focus and finish your accomplishment so you can share it!

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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