I’m a Capitalist and I’m Okay…

I am a capitalist and I am perfectly fine with that. What could be better than making money producing a product that benefits others? The more you produce the more you benefit society. The only argument could be is what you make and what you do with your money.

EXAIR has been producing compressed air products for 28 years that have benefited the manufacturing sector by improving their processes and enabling them to be more competitive. During hot summer months control panels overheat shutting down the process. EXAIR builds a compact cabinet cooler system that fits on the palm of your hand and provides 2800 Btu of cooling. It is a quick and simple installation that prevents production disruptions due to heat.

Compressed air is essential to manufacturing facilities. It is an easy safe way to transport energy to the point of use to cool, dry, and blow off. It costs to produce compressed air though. It is an expense that for some makes up the majority of their utility bill. EXAIR has been developing engineered nozzles that increase the volume of air delivered with less compressed air. The air knives have an amplification of 40:1. Using less compressed air to get the job done saves energy. These savings go directly to the bottom line. Saving energy also reduces your carbon footprint which is good for the environment.

Implementing EXAIR products enable new and innovative production methods. Using a compressed air knife, a reclamation center was able to sort trash without human intervention. This was not only was faster, it also eliminated operator exposure to germs and viruses. Result, more profit and being socially responsible to their employees.

EXAIR is also committed to its social responsibility. All shipments via UPS that are billed to EXAIR are carbon neutral.  The appropriate carbon offsets have been arranged to render all of our shipments carbon neutral

So I am a capitalist and proud to be part of a socially responsible company doing their small part in capitalist society.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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