2010 In Review

2010 In Review

Today is the last working day of the year here at EXAIR. And what a year it has been.

The year began with our collective hopes for an economic recovery in 2010. As the year progressed, that recovery has changed from a wish to reality for many but not all. In a curious development, this time manufacturing companies are leading the recovery rather than being cited as examples of failure to adapt to the world economy. It seems that the reports of the demise of manufacturing in the U.S. were somewhat premature.

Here at EXAIR, we continued to do the things that made us #1 in the first place. Over the course of 2010, we became the first company (and only, in many cases) to achieve CE compliance for nearly every major product line.  If you want the confidence of third-party verification and the CE mark on your air knife, air nozzle, vortex tube or industrial vacuum – EXAIR has you covered.  EXAIR also continued to develop award-winning new products to help our customers solve problems. We were chosen as a finalist for the Plant Engineering “Product of the Year” award for the twelfth time (also our ninth consecutive year).  This year EXAIR also maintained our position as a sustainability leader with the introduction of UPS Carbon Neutral shipping to go along with our extensive line of energy-saving products.  What else would our customers expect from us?

2010 was another great year for EXAIR.  We extended our industry leadership in standards compliance, innovation and sustainability.  And 2011 will start with a bang.  Next week we will launch our brand new Catalog 24 – our biggest and best ever – along with a brand new family of products by mid-January.

As I have said time and time again in this blog, any company can make outlandish claims about their company, their products and their people.  Only real leaders have the proof to back it up.

EXAIR has the best team in the world and our success is directly attributable to our people and our culture.  We accept nothing less than the best from ourselves.

Claims are easy, proof is hard.

Bryan Peters

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