My Top 5 Reasons American Manufacturing Rocks

As part of my position here at EXAIR, I post and follow tweets of my coworkers and industry colleagues.  It’s been something that has grown slowly on me since I started, but I find that the more I use Twitter, the more I understand and appreciate its relevance.  One of the sectors that I follow is the American manufacturing industry.  The more I read and learn about domestic production, the more I appreciate its relevance and importance as well.  So with that in mind, I’ve made a list of my top five reasons American manufacturing rocks.

1.)   American manufacturing is often given domestic support.  It seems that every time I have a concern with a product that is outsourced overseas, the problem is multiplied, the time and effort it takes to correct something simple grow exponentially, and my concerns are often not addressed.  When products are made and supported in the USA  these complications are remedied.

2.)   Job production.  American manufacturing produces direct and indirect jobs for Americans.  Even if a production facility is  made to be fully automated, the design, construction, and maintenance positions are filled by American men and women.  Also, as American manufacturing becomes more automated, the importance of manufacturing abroad to remain competitive is reduced.

3.)   American manufacturing production makes the $ stronger.  Lower prices as a source of competitive advantage are  important, but after these commodities are extinguished, other sources of competitive advantage are more difficult to attain by shifting production abroad.  When the quality, reputation, or proper delivery of a good or service become the factors of  competitive advantage, domestic products provide more value, thereby increasing the value of the dollar.

4.)   Sense of community.  There’s nothing like a stamp or a label on something that says “Made in the USA”.

5.)   A strong manufacturing sector creates national independence and national inertia.

One thing on this list that was and still is of particular interest to me is #1 – domestic support.  In the Application Engineering department at EXAIR, we take calls from plant engineers, install techs, design teams, etc.  One of the consistent themes during
these calls is the appreciation from our customers to speak to someone here locally (which they can also get by speaking to one of our international distributors if they are outside of the US) .  We appreciate the customers
and the calls.  Keep ‘em comin’.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

One thought on “My Top 5 Reasons American Manufacturing Rocks

  1. I am so impressed with this blog. They wanted me to work on something at the foundry and I thought to myself what on earth will I ever talk about? Now I realize that being a web coordinator and some advertising and purchasing does not make me a foundry man. Although we are good at what we do I am not in the field enough to really talk about it. Wait, am I rambling?
    At any rate, I think I need to get my hands dirty and learn more about the company before I can even start to actually write about any of it. Thanks for all your hard work. You are a role model to this Memphis gal.

    and I am posting on my mom blog, I would be to embarrassed for you to see our blog yet. But when I get it all gussied up I will be back.

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