I recently had the pleasure of being an extra in a Professor Penurious video (set to debut soon!) and it got me thinking.  The video is only a few minutes long, but it took much longer than that to put the production together.  There was a planning process, the execution of each scene, the editing, and final review.  All of these components come together to produce the final product as a complete unit.

The engineering applications we deal with are pieced together in the same way.  Planning, execution, fine tuning, and review are key components when dealing with manufacturing processes.  Our clients often call us at different stages in this process.  Sometimes we assist during the design phase of a new product, while other times we address production issues that arise “on the fly”.

Regardless of the timing of our involvement, we enjoy the collaboration and above all, solving problems. It’s been said before to focus on the resolve, not the problem.  At EXAIR we’ve found this to be true, and we’ve also found that the best solutions come after a thorough assessment of the problem at hand.  If you’re having difficulties with your application and would like to brainstorm with one of our engineers, give us a call.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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