Something New is Going On – We’re Talking Manufacturing Again

I am a baby boomer and one of the first-born after WWII. The war catapulted our industrial base and economy to #1 in the world. Having to tool up to produce war products along with the innovation and resolve of the American worker, we became the worlds provider of machine tools, appliances, tractors and trucks.

Manufacturing was the cornerstone of the economy back then. Everyone’s job was associated with manufacturing in one way or another and we were proud of our products Made in the USA. Manufacturing was a part of our patriotism.

Manufacturing has not only improved the lives of our citizens but the citizens of the world as well. In my childhood days going abroad was like stepping back in time 25 years. That has all changed. America was the leader in designing and producing products to improve our lifestyles. Our innovation to produce more for less enabled even the less affluent to purchase our products and raise their lifestyles. America became the world’s provider of technology and products.

The world has certainly changed. What hasn’t changed though is that manufacturing is still a pillar of our economy. America is still the # 1 manufacturing country in the world; we out-produce #2 China by more than 40%. Despite our economic challenges in 2009, America created an estimated $1.7 trillion worth of goods according to the United Nations.

Manufacturing will always serve as the foundation of our economy for two main reasons: manufacturing challenges us to become more innovative and manufacturing growth creates jobs.

So let’s hear it for manufacturing!

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